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Statistic customs forms

StatformFor stock movement accounting within the Custom Union and on the territory of Russian Federation since the 1st of April, 2011 a package of supporting documents must include a statistic form of stock movement due to intertrade of Russian Federation and countries of the Custom Union within EuroAsian Economic Community.

Before the beginning of transportation of cargoes on the Russian territory you needn’t fill in the statistic form.

Filling in the form is need for cargoes irrespectively on the type of used transport. The form must be filled in by a declarant who is a resident of Russian Federation and who has made a deal (or who has instructed this deal) or a declarant who is entitled to own, use and/or command the cargo (hereafter a declarant).

The statistic form must be send to a customs authority of the region where the declarant is registered in a tax authority according to laws of the Russian Federation on taxes and levies. The declarant must put the form in not later than on the 8th working day of the month following one in which a cargo was shipped from a warehouse or was delivered to a warehouse.

You needn’t fill in the statistic form of stock movement for:

– goods for personal use, transported by private individual and by categories of individuals taking priorities and advantages or by diplomatic missions and consulates.

– transit goods.

To fill in the statistic form you need the following documents:

– an international agreement or a contract, in which all the terms of the deal are stated, including the references of exported goods, sizes, sums and terms of deliveries.

– an invoice and a delivery note, approving the matter of fact parameters of the deal and its correspondence to the contract.

–  a consignment note or a CMR.

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