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Freight insurance

Unfortunately a transportation of a cargo is always connected with a certain risk of its loss and damage. Insurance of your goods will allow you to feel confident and not to worry for its safety.

Among the transport-expediting services our company RU-Customs Group offer you insurance for cargoes shipped by any type of transportation in any direction at any stage of shipping. In case of insurable event the beneficiary party receives the full compensation for caused damage.  Insurance of your goods is executed according to the most extended conditions of London Institute cargo clauses which means “with responsibility for all risks, except for” a number of agreed clauses.

The amount of insurance tariff is defined depending on the type and cost of cargo, rout of transportation, conditions of transportation and many other factors.

Insurance of goods for cross border transportation remains in force on all the stages of cargo shipping from its freighting to the initial mean of transport till delivery to a receiver’s warehouse.

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