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The procedure of export or import from abroad is a reasonably complicated process. For a person who doesn’t know all the ins and outs of legal technicalities it can be difficult to fill in all the documents and to calculate the charges correctly.

Moreover, any introduced error is fraught with serious consequences for the filer and may cause sound expenditures both of money and time. For this reason we recommend you to employ only those specialists who have needed experience and knowledge in this sphere.

RU-Customs Group company will help you to pass the whole process of custom formalities, control and clearance with applying minimum of efforts, time and money. We are always look forward to long-term and efficient cooperating with our clients.

Over the years of our work we have declared hundreds of various goods. We execute customs processing in 12 offices in Moscow (Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, etc.), Moscow region, and Smolensk. Customs processing is executed both in posts of The Central Excise Customs and in general customs posts. Wide choice of places of processing allows our clients to choose the most convenient customs post and guarantees the needed pace of cargo release even during high season.

We find the best solutions for our clients’ problems, our technologies are based on excellent knowledge of customs legislation, analysis of ever changing tendencies and rules and ability to quickly find the way and make right decision.

That’s why working with us is safe!

Customs clearance

Full suite of services of a customs agent

Customs clearance of cargoes and goods

A procedure all freights, transported over the boarder of Russia, pass through. This procedure is executed to control international economic activity, check imported goods and account them statisticaly. The order of procedures is subject to Customs Code of the Customs Union and statutory and regulatory enactments.
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International consignments

Well-running and quick passage of goods along the optimal route

International consignments

The whole complex of customs and logistics professes aimed at transportation of a cargo from one country to another.
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Compulsory and voluntary certification of goods

Receiving approvals

Certification is a process of ascertaining matching of operational procedures, imported and domestic products to the quality and safety requirements.
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Customs agent insurance

One of the most important details for a successful business

Transported cargoes insurance

One of property insurance types, aimed at protecting property interest of the cargo owner in case of loss occurrence, caused by various incidents, insured events, during the transportation of a cargo.
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Statistic customs forms

Form of accounting movement of goods of the Customs Union

Statistical reporting

The object for statistical reporting are cargoes, imported to the territory of Russian Federation from territories of countries that are members of the Custom Union or exported from Russian Federation to a country that is a member of the Custom Union.
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High-quality professional assistance with questions FEA

Customs consulting

Consulting clients on a wide range of questions related to the sphere of customs legislation.
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