International freight

RU-Customs Group company executes various types of international consignments: by road, air, sea or railway. We offer you our services for any type and combination of transportation. Transport and a route for international consignments is chosen to deliver your cargo to the point of destination in shortest time possible and to minimize the costs for customs processing and shipping.

International freight forwarding

International maritime transport

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International road transportation is one of the most requested services. This type of crago transportation is attractive due to its moderate cost, universality, possibility to send the cargo from sender’s warehouse directly to receiver’s warehouse without extra cargo transfers and to quickly transport a cargo for long distances.

RU-Customs Group is a partner of largest corporate carriers. We organize international road transportation for nearly every type of cargo. Most often transportation by road is used in the segment of international transportation between Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe. The economic relations have formed long time ago for this destinations, well-developed road network in Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States considerably simplifies the transportation of cargoes. Favorable terms make international road transportation one of the most comprehensible and reasonable types of transportation.

International sea transportation. Sea transportation is one of the cheapest types of transportation. It is widely used for containerized cargo shipping from Asia, North and South America.  Sea transportation is also used for European destination. Usually sea transportation is a combination of sea and road transport. Firstly a cargo is transported to a harbor and then it is transshipped to road transport and delivered to a receiver’s warehouse. E.g. cargoes are delivered to Russia via harbors in the Baltic states, Finland or domestic Russian harbors.

International rail transportation is also in great favour. It is usually chosen for combined transportation of cargoes. For instance, rail transportation widely used to deliver a cargo from European countries and Commonwealth of Independent States or as a part om combinated transportation via harbors. In this case a cargo is shipped to a harbor, there it’s stored in a warehouse of temporary storage and customs processing is organized. After all customs procedures a container is transshipped to a rail transporter and is delivered to a receiver’s warehouse.

Air transportation is another popular type. It’s favorable for small cargoes that need to be delivered in shortest time. Transportation is organized via main Russian airports in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other cities. But it’s inappropriate for measurement goods.

Multimodal cargo transportation is a transportation executed under one contract but which requires at least two types of transport, e.g. road + air + road, road + sea + rail + road, road + rail + road. For instance, a cargo is shipped to a harbor by road transport, then it’s shipped by sea and after its arrival to a harbor it’s again transported by road to a receiver’s warehouse.

Our specialist can consult you on any subject you’re interested it and can offer you the most favorable in terms and costs decisions on cargo transportation in terms and costs.

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