Customs clearance

All the goods imported and exported to/from the territory of Russian Federation or the Customs Untion are to pass the procedure of custom formalities.

Custom formalities (also called customs clearance) includes the whole complex of actions, such as:

  • Preparing and approving the documentation package needed for customs processing:
  • Preparing and approving all kinds of shipment documents;
  • Calculating customs commodity cost;
  • Classifying goods according to FEACN;
  • Calculating and paying obligatory customs and other dues;
  • Receiving certification and other approvals for customs clearance;
  • Controlling the execution of customs procedures;
  • Consulting on questions of customs processing;
  • Representation of our clients’ interests in customs authorities;
  • Servicing import-export operations;
  • Online customs filing;
  • Allocation of cargoes at customs warehouses and temporary storage warehouses.

If your company deals with export or import of goods from abroad, you should employ professionals that can help you to avoid disappointing financial losses caused by incorrectly chosen code and, consequently, down time at the customs or temporary storage warehouses.

Ru-Customs Group company works with government agents and public authorities. Our specialists have acquired Federal Customs Service certificates, they all are high-qualified in conducting customs procedures and have waste experience in declaring various goods.

We’ll organize customs clearance for your goods in the shortest time possible and without difficulty, we’ll also issue temporary import-export documents, help to receive approvals for matching to technical requirements, certificates for import and export of goods that require veterinary or phytosanitary control.

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