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Customs clearance of goods is a necessary requirement for legal transportation of various freights across the boarder of Russian Federation. Unfortunately, the procedure of customs clearance is very departmentally complicated. Registration requires a whole package of measures, checking and preparing the documents, declaring, submission of goods declaration to customs authorities in written or by electronic means, release of goods accordingly to customs procedures.

To conduct customs clearance correctly, it is needed to carefully do the documents, scrupulously adhering to all the requirements of current laws and regulations of customs authorities, to fill in the declaration and other documents accurately. You, being a businessman, will have to observe a lot of formalities, demanded from a customs applicant by customs legislation. One unfamiliar with these legal technicalities may find it a difficult task because of the plenitude of information, many clauses and references to various norms and conditions of Russian laws. Moreover, some rules change quite often and new legal enactments and clauses to customs legislation arise.

Irrespectively of what goods exactly you transport across the boarder, the most sound decision is to contact experienced professionals regarding customs clearance from the company that will inform customs agencies preliminary and that works with online customs filing (OF). Reaching out to specialist you’ll save yourself from the necessity of conducting customs clearance by yourself and you’ll get the advantage of using the most up-to-date information technologies.

To shorten procedures time and to accelerate the release of goods for domestic consumption, we recommend you to contact RU-Customs Group. Our company renders full range of services on customs registration of goods in Moscow, the Smolensk Region and other regions of Russian Federation. Our employees are professionals of the highest rank, constantly improving their qualification on workshops and seminars and carefully watching for any changes in customs legislation.

Our specialists will help you to carry out the registration of participant of foreign economic activities, prepare documents, declare and release the goods and provide control over customs processing. Thanks to the state-of-the-art information technologies any company in Russia can employ our services, whether it’s a receiver of cargo or a cargo shipper.

If you need a reliable business partner, you should employ RU-Customs Group!

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Customs clearance

Customs clearance of goods and cargoes

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International freight

International consignments by various means of transport

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Receiving approvals

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Cargo insurance

Insurance for cargoes transported by any mean of transport

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Statistic customs forms

Execution of statistic goods transportation review forms

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Consulting on customs

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